First Contact

“I found it strangely annoying that I was feeling so nervous about contacting my first voter. I fumbled with my notes and the telephone handset for a few minutes before finally working up the nerve to dial the number. So many thoughts were going through my head: “I hope I don’t sound like the nervous wreck I feel, right now.” “Would her attitude be pleasant?” ” Would she even want to talk to me?” I pushed the thoughts aside and finally pressed the call button. With a few rings I was listening to the voice of Ms. Shelley Bossert… and boy was she ready to share her story!”

Novaughn Deans, Research Team

Sound \ˈsɑʊnd\
mechanical radiant energy that is transmitted by longitudinal pressure waves in a material medium (as air) and is the objective cause of hearing.

This week, we ask our interns to record their experiences of making “first contact” with the community members who have been negatively affected by the Monster Voter Law for our Voter Video Project. Each received several names of voters who will potentially share their narrative of what happened when they last attempted to vote and how that has impacted them. What you will hear next are the sounds, voices and glimpses into the journey our Democracy Summer interns will embark on over the next several weeks.

Fayetteville Team

Gabrielle Henry-Galloway and Nia Tayler-Clark


Kim Hoang


Novaughn Deans and Daniel Woldorff


Amanda Billips, Keith Chappelle, and Vashti Hinton

Rocky Mount

Daniel Irvin and Tameka Wright


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