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Summer Reflections: Bonnie Ballard

This list of things I learned as a Democracy Summer intern is endless, but I will try my best to sum it up in a few paragraphs. First and foremost I learned an enormous amount about voting laws, election politics, and how local governments work. Being surrounded by so many

Summer Reflections: Tameka Wright

During the course of this summer as a Democracy Summer intern, I have learned a lot about the inner workings of organizing work and the skills that come with it. Organizing, from a grassroots perspective, is feet to the ground, hands on work that gave me a fulfilled feeling, like

Summer Reflections: Kim Hoang

This summer, as a Democracy Summer intern, I made friends I would have never met in my lifetime if I had not had this opportunity. Our desire to create a better government brought us together this summer, and for that, I will always remember the times we were able to convene,

Summer Reflections: Amanda Billips

The first thing I learned about this internship is that you must have tough skin. Democracy NC’s work is not designed for a one man/woman team.  With that being said, I reflect on how you have to be open minded and adaptive with working with so many diverse groups and

Summer Reflections: Daniel Irvin

This summer I have been able to be a part of many different experiences. Each week has brought different projects and different challenges. From these projects and challenges I have learned a lot about myself, North Carolina, and working in the political world. One of the most important things that

Summer Reflections: Gabrielle Henry-Galloway

I have learned to manage my time during this summer. I had to balance this internship and summer classes. I also learned that it is ok to take a break. If I wear myself out then I am no good to anyone, including myself. I enjoyed traveling around between the

First Contact

“I found it strangely annoying that I was feeling so nervous about contacting my first voter. I fumbled with my notes and the telephone handset for a few minutes before finally working up the nerve to dial the number. So many thoughts were going through my head: “I hope I

Class of 2015: Tameka Wright

I am Tameka Wright. I am a rising Senior at UNC Charlotte. I am 19 years old and am double majoring in History and International Studies. I will be working out of Rocky Mount, NC as an organizing intern with Shoneca Kent and Daniel Irvin. I am from Nashville, NC,

Class of 2015: Daniel Woldorff

Hey peoples of the Democratic Republic, My name is Daniel, and this summer I’ll be serving as a research intern, right here in Durham. I applied to this internship because Democracy NC’s work is foundational to every other policy issue; all policy rests on a functioning democracy, and this organization’s

Class of 2015: Daniel Irvin

My name is Daniel Irvin, and this summer I will be one of the organizing interns for Northeastern North Carolina. I will be a senior next year at UNC-Chapel Hill, majoring in Public Policy and Philosophy and minoring in Environmental Studies. I am from Kinston, NC and will be living

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